Think Naught

Is you thinking again?  Does you ever stop?  In all yous time of thinking, what has it ever really done?  You can't stop thinking.  You can try.  You can make the path to attain peace of mind to become thoughtless, but there is no hope in that. That thought itself destroys any hope of peace of mind. 

The thing is, what do you think?  Do you identify with your thoughts?  There is only one thing to know: "you" is thoughts, and "I" am Naught.  How long can you see that "I" are Naught you thoughts?  

Listen to you thoughts, but do not take them personally. You is always telling youself what to think, feel, say and do about what has happened in the past, what may come in the future. 

The present is when the true Self or Detached Observer lucidly sees the you in action. If not this then you sees the Self as attainable, upon which the Self cannot be attained because it is not remote or missing. 

Get ready for my favorite double entendre use of what's behind the sound "not" which both negates something and represents nothing or the unconditional.  (Through) you thoughts does not (Naught/) exist.  What is true and real, that is it is unchanging, is the one undivided unconditional absolute nature of emptiness.

Naught is the omnipotent ability, preceding and unaffected by the conditions of the seer (you), seeing (thinking) or seen (manifested) of which the Observant Self is lucid/mindful. Naught is the ground on which the rope and the snake you perceives. Naught is the space which fills and surrounds the vessel that you thinks it is. 

Do Naught be distracted by thoughts of you as the vessel glazed over and lacquered with plans for what will make it full and so it will seem necessary as you divides and sculpts the unconditional nature of Naught into limited form. 

There is only one thing to know: "you" is thoughts, and "I" am Naught.  One without a second. 

Practice this: Focus on the mundane and See the duality in all you does. Feel how the weight of the body shifts from one leg to another. Notice how the eyes look here or there. Listen as words are expressed on breath moving from in to out. Watch the hand moving things from one place to another. It is the identification with this duality and more complex movements of thought and choice that creates the appearance of big ticket items including  loss, lack and limitation.  

The goal of this exercise is not so much to stop thought or think these things aren't happening but to be consciously aware of such actions which unnoticed, you becomes ceaseless thoughts of ways to fix, attain, and overcome.  Re-cognized it is all Naught. 

Be lucid. ;)