Choose Freedom

The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics posits that there are limitless possibilities surrounding every potential situation and all remain probable even after one is selected.  In other words, until you decide your limits, they don't exist, and even after you do, there are alternative realities.

The issue is that many limits were decided for us, before we could be lucid to this possibility and even though they remain probable, we would have to wake up to their presence and select something other than our previously perceived limits in order to have a chance at seeing it through.

Because all possibilities, graciously give way to the chosen probability, it's pretty hard to see they could possibly exist, but they do.  Like the constellation Pleiades, alternative realities tend to disappear when we look for them directly, so the secret is to see them indirectly.  This means we do not try to force the issue.  Instead we don't force any issue and let all the realities gestate and develop equally without fear-driven choices. The healthiest choices will survive, often in unexpected combinations and effortlessly so, except for trying not to make up our minds.

So how to not makeup your mind?  Notice when you are trying to do it and simply say, "Nevermind".
Be lucid.