Consultations & (Un)Trainings

There are many ways to practice being lucid and becoming more masterful at how you use your creative energy.  Some time-tested methods include consulting with others and oracles.  I often use art as a yoga (way) through which one may grow awareness of one's processes.  I call my part in this creative coaching.  You may be interested in creative coaching with or without your own artistic practice, or using tools like Numerology to help you gain insight into how you do things.  Whatever your preference, it is always helpful to take the time to review and release how your creative energy is invested.  

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Creative Coaching and UnTrainings

Would you most prefer to watch someone pull a rabbit out of their hat or learn how it works?

Most people would enjoy simply seeing a magic trick performed.  Some might say it would ruin the magic if they knew how it worked. Others would like to learn how the magic works for themselves.
Blue Bunny courtesy of Carly & Art via creative commons

Life is magical.  It is the ultimate creative expression.  It is ours to learn and master the magic of simply enjoying each and every moment.

Consultations are relaxing, individualized sessions that support you in bringing lucid change (also known as the Toltec masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent) into your life. We start where you are and travel at a pace that is comfortable yet challenging and rewarding as you to integrate and experiment with being lucid, and the changing ways to see and be your life.

(Un)Trainings are so named with respect to the philosophy that we have less to learn and more to let go.  What's true cannot be taught or learned, and is most recognizable when we unlearn the ways of loss, lack and limitation that distract us from seeing what's real. (Un)Trainings are a part of individual consultations and may be adapted for professional development to establish methods of conducting business and collaboration that honor and cultivate individual and group accomplishment.