Nothing is permanent except change

This quote from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus gets at one of the most fundamental reasons for being lucid.  To be anything else would be impermanent. 

There is a mistaken belief within the framework of reality that life is scalable with two definitions.  It can be larger or smaller depending upon ones age and experience and that with experience one is able to scale or climb life to the top - whatever that is for them. From this viewpoint it is essential that we micromanage every waking moment, tending to the issues that affect us and make sure our ducks are in a row.

With the acknowledgement that all this will change we can see that the best way to manage this is to be lucid in the moment where all potential is waiting for our direction.  In the present moment we can simply be lucid and no matter what else seems to be going on, or how much we are distracted, when we bring our mind back to being lucid, that point of existence is always present, always real and always clear. 

Be lucid.