Living Lucid

So the question is this, if the implicit memory resides on the right side of the brain, is the goal to shut it down with logical, non-reactive left brain thinking?  The answer: that is the old way and it doesn’t work which is why we seek the answer that is already inside us.  The explicit mind would like to have us believe that it is best, but it is not (Naught) just the same as the right brain.  (Alright, I will stop the word play for now and focus on the question).   

The explicit aspect of the mind thinks it’s smart and like a good employee seeks to prove that to us, its employer, at all times. It believes in loss, lack, and limitation because it has no idea where things come from.  It doesn’t understand how it got here.  It is constantly looking for safety and security out of a fear of not knowing all these things.  The implicit memory does get it - by the boatload!  It has been with you since the second beat of your heart.  It has a complete record of everything you have ever experienced since you were in utero.  And it is the only part of the mind that can communicate with the rest of the body.
The right brain, where the implicit memory resides, speaks the language of sensation, imagination, creativity and sees things holistically.  Receiving that, the explicit will name things so that it has several letters that summarize "happiness", while the right brain has the full experience and imprints it on the implicit memory. Of course, things explicitly named “trauma” and “sorrow” are also founded on implicit memories since before you were born even as they’ve been refined your whole life, BUT, and this is the exception, you are not limited to that unless you allow the left brain to run the department and stick you with inadequate words and descriptions, along with all its insecurity.  Bottom-line, the left brain explicitly misunderstands what it gets from the implicit side of the mind. 

So, the question becomes, how do you gain explicit awareness of these implicit processes?  Like anything else you learn, immersion.  Consider the activities of the right brain to be a country you can visit and learn the language by being in and speaking it.  As the left brain becomes more lucid to the subtle phrasing and dialects of this region, then it will gain appreciation for it rather than ignoring it, or forcing it to conform which is where all uneasiness comes from.  Use the Nevermind Mantra to re-mind the explicit memory that it is only giving you summaries of bits and pieces of the Wholeness of all that IS.  As you see the duality of these sibling minds learn to work together in a lucid way, your life becomes a magical experience, free of outside influences and the thing the left brain calls “bliss” will be your constant companion. 

To learn it is easy, to live it is to love it.  Be lucid!  ;)