The Light of Awareness

Within you is the light of awareness. When you hold it high, it can light your way. When left unattended it can set fire to your life. Unaware, it is easy to get caught up in circumstances as they are implicitly related to past experiences, recreating even the things we might prefer to leave behind.

With awareness we can actively appreciate circumstances as reminders to be present, noticing what comes up and being curious about what we might be the best fit for our thoughts, emotions, and deeds for any situation. With awareness we can be truly creative and discover new ways of being, different than what automatically comes up.

Today, let your blue bunny be those times when you think you know what's happening and what should be done about it. Then, without judging what you have noticed, allow yourself a present moment to consider alternate possibilities, noticing what works most in your favor, and choose the most joyful, positive, creative possibility.