The Dream of Not-as-Yet

When life seems to be about what we do to attempt and attain accomplishments and a sense of fulfillment we are noticing our attachment to what we dream. Better to focus our awareness on That we dream. In this way we bridge the apparent duality of the explicitly pragmatic and the implicitly passionate aspects of being and are completely free of the outcomes in the dream of life.

In the space between the thoughts and unfolding events of everyday life is the life of the unconditional moment, and countless facets and fractions thereof, where the language of pure being is perceived and expressed into experience. While we may have been conditioned to wait on the experience, at the heart of it all is unlimited not-yetness.

Savor rather than see incompleteness in the Naught-as-Yet accomplished. For it is in attaining the ability to be lucid to the Self as the ability to dream in the waking life that we are truly fulfilled.