"Going without" is generally interpreted to mean not having what we want or think we need. Interestingly, "going within" refers to connecting with oneself and being introspective. Taking another look at "without" it is clear the sensation of "not having" is always in contrast to our perceptions of the outer world.

When we leave "within" - the conscious contact with our true nature, we experience "without" - not the loss of our true nature but the experience of life as a transient, impermanent, series if passing illusion, which it is. The more we grasp at attaining and maintaining, the more we experience going without.

As we relax into the soft body of our true nature and go within, the appearance of everything changes. Our perceptions return to how we see rather than mistaking them for what is seen. Within, we know we are neither the seer nor the seeing or the seen but the potential for these and as such, in full possession of them all.