Like gravel caught up in the tread of a tire, we can get flung around by life circumstances. When we feel overwhelmed we have created a story that these circumstances have the ability to influence and affect us.this is our perception. If we begin to wrestle with these feelings or attempt to change the circumstances suffering is certain until and after we find a replacement story.

Secondary stories that tell us things will get better when we get something done or acquire something we don't yet have, create more chaos rather than calm the situation as they confirm belief in and promote the premise that we are lacking. It is only through lucidly relinquishing attachment to the perception of loss lack, and limitation that we can return to the full volume of our supply not be receiving it but by being it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, reperceive your circumstances. Breathe into the soft comfort of the truth that you are much more than circumstances. You are the pure unconditional ability to perceive absolutely whatever you choose and have it be that for you. Start with that point of view and you will see circumstances change instantly.