Breaking the Law of Cause and Effect

There are some things that are thought of as law, that are based on the most ridiculous hypothesis.  One is that there is a cause for everything that happens.  This gets twisted in our implicit learning as children to make it seem best that we know the reason for everything that happens.  In truth Nothing happens, and there is Nothing to cause it, but diversity seems to exist, so we get stuck in unraveling the mystery. But our investigation is less than scientific or objective.  We have theories as beliefs and we attach our worth to the outcome of our efforts.

The perception of anything is completely dependent on what is imagined to be experienced and so it is that Nothing seems to exist.  All attempts to understand anything about an apparent person, place, thing or circumstance including the self, other than this simple explanation, is a fruitless endeavor. We will only ever understand the parameters of the cell of knowledge in which our thoughts dwell. That is the essence of bondage, and due to it having no other existence than the limits of the imagination, it is by this understanding that suffering bondage may become obsolete.

Only this knowledge is true: All knowledge of objects that arise as the "result of" and "to cause" is nothing more than a fairy tale which we don't have to believe.

Blue Bunny Practice: The Crow and the Coconut.  In the Yoga Vasistha it this expression is often told to remind that when a crow lands on a branch and a coconut falls the mind is apt to think the crow caused the coconut to fall when perhaps the coconut was about to fall regardless of the crow's presence. Use this phrase as you might the Chicken and the Egg, but not to question not which is the cause of either's existence but to question your perceptions and be free of the limitations of limiting automatic thinking. The possibility of some other experience will provide the space to think differently whenever big ticket items comes up. 

Be lucid and happy in the experience of the unconditional and remain free of suffering the illusion and all the consequences of cause and effect.

photo: Coconut Tree by via creative commons license