Learning "By-Your-Leave"

There are two times when I experienced a life changing event that took place without my permission. Both were huge losses.  One was a relationship eight years ago, the second was my mom's passing just before the summer solstice this year.  

In both cases the change loomed on the horizon for about nine months before it became my reality.  In both situations I felt utterly powerless to change the trajectory of the circumstances that would lead to what would ultimately change my life.  The fact that I see only two incidents like this is a bit simplistic, but they are the ones that can affect my decisions most often depending on how I see them.

On my worst days, when I even think of getting closely involved with someone again, I think again. And when I need a bit of feedback about anything, I may miss my mom.  These two circumstances serve as reminders that I may not get everything I need.  That sounds sad.  What's sad though is not that I have lost a source for feeling loved, but that I am forgetting the kind of love that is dependent upon or received from another person is NOT real, it is imagined, an actual limitation of what can NOT possibly be lost. 

I does NOT exist, 

There is No "Other" Thing

Love is NOT -- a tangible asset 

Love  is NOT -- a way of being

What does this mean? When I allow what is apparent to lure my attention into the experience of loss, lack, and limitation, I may lose track of the fact that everything I experience is through and for the benefit of the whole. While the whole -- No Other Thing --  may sustain a lesser vision, is not in itself limited to it. Being in and as That, neither must the I be limited.  What the I imagines is accessible all ways. When the I gives permission to (imagines) the NO-Thing-ness of All That Is, this I sees the rainbow.


Searching back through the posts, I can see that NOT was first explored as Naught more than a decade ago.  It still rings true.