When Not is a Sound, Part III - Naught Really!

What's this?
I does Naught know
Naught that
Naught now

Did you see it coming? In this application the four lines move from negation to affirmation that the absolute unconditional is the source and true state of the I as well as all concepts of space and time.

Used in combination with the three strings of five, Naught can unconditionally replace the automatic follow-through of common concepts like "you never" and "I always" by bringing lucidity to a reality where I, you, we, they, this does Naught exist, and as such have no differences and do Naught know.

When we identify as the pure, as yet unconditioned ability to perceive, we can see that all concepts of time and space are fully potential in this emptiness of loss, lack, and limitation. We can simply leave it at that and/or freely choose what we would like to add to that (conceptualize) without needing to make a belief system out of it.

Anytime we are lucid, we can simply choose all four or any one of the lines above to affirm and center ourselves and all our perceptions in the truth that we as Naught exist.

Be lucid!)

photo:  my kitchen refrigerator, Pic Michel, some rights reserved: creative commons license