When Not is a Sound - Introduction

Years ago I made a set of tiny little cards which I carry to re-mind myself. Each card has a drawing and a one-liner that is often both a negation and affirmation.

The first little card posits "I does not exist".  Some of my friends have found this concept to be downright offensive.  But it's just a concept (there is no getting around this if we're going to communicate in this world).  When compared, the concept I does not exist  is about expanding while the concept of the I is to implicitly narrow down and eliminate the possibilities with the hope of getting it right.

How can the concept that something does not exist, particularly the I with which we have identified for a lifetime, also be an affirmation?  When not is a sound.  The spelling of not which is widely interpreted as refuting a possibility (i.e. Not!), also sounds like naught which, while that seems to be nothing, can also be used to describe the as yet Unconditional, or pre-existent nature of being lucid or in a perceptive state without condition. 

With the understanding of not as Naught the phrase becomes, I does Naught exist. What negated identification with the I concept of implicit learning and memory, becomes an affirmation that The limitless consciousness capable of this perception is I A little more simply put, does is also as, and so  I as Naught exists.

is in the space between the mitote of thoughts and words the I constantly offers.  It has many names but here it is Not, Nothing and Naught as in unconditional, limitless, pre-existent lucidity.  Most other words known to convey the concept, like UniverseBrahman, or God carry a charge that ignites the implicit memory, leaving little room for truth.

It is truly the emptiness that offers supreme peace and it is our birthright to know this unconditional reality that simultaneously transcends and enables the limits of the I. As those limits are increasingly  affirmed to be Nothing but lucid, the I becomes an ally in actualizing this intent. You are Naught in existence.

Be Lucid!