Unconditional Happiness

If you're happy and you know it how did that happen?  Nothing has to happen in order for true happiness to be experienced. Nothing can be done to earn it.  If there is a story about how a particular happy moment was attained, there is another story about how it can or will be lost cooking in the mind.  In truth, the happiness that can be won or lost is a only an illusion, a construct of the mind and it's tendency to put two and two together to make three.

Our conditioning makes us believe happiness is a triggerable event. When certain circumstances arise -- a vacation trip, birthday, buying something we've always wanted -- happiness that is transient with those events is enabled, and dissipates with their passing.  Until these things transpire, we are often waiting to be happy.

It is only when we detach the association of happiness with the attainment of something, someone or some experience that we can realize the inexplicable joy that is knowing the happiness that is One and cannot be lost.  Detaching from circumstantial happiness is not accomplished by becoming indifferent to happiness but by releasing the aversion to suffering the lack of its presence.  In doing so we are able to notice that suffering  the passing or non-development of circumstantial happiness is not necessary, and we can experience something far greater than circumstantial happiness whether or not there are any circumstances to make us happy.

The happiness we know in the heart, free of desire, expectation, or cause, is our true nature. In the absence of circumstantial happiness our true nature remains. We can replace the conditioning to suffer the absence of circumstantial happiness by becoming lucid in our true nature. To do this right now, imagine and feel the warmth of peaceful, unconditional bliss in your heart. Inhale deeply and let this awareness spread throughout your chest, growing with your breath, spreading throughout your entire being. Breathe into that. Hold it...click!

When you notice life from this way of being, no circumstance can affect you. You may, from this vantage point observe and enjoy the circumstances of both happiness and the lack thereof from a place of supreme peace. Let all your blue bunnies lead you here and may this consciousness be your only state of mind. Be Lucid!

Lotus photo courtesy of Marufish via creative commons at flickr.com