Nevermind, Part IV - Motion

By now I have either thoroughly corrupted the theory of relativity, or created a new one. I think we all do the latter everyday. (now that sentence is a good example of what we're talking about.)

This third string of words: Have, Think, Feel, Say, and Do; are the action or motion that are the product of the relativity of space (in this example, I, You, We, They, This) and time (Always, Never, Should, Could, Can't). In other words, our actions are conceived in the relationship of space time. You just can't do anything without these two...even meditate. (Though meditation is being lucid to it).

The union of space time produces the blank which we fill in with "what we know that we know" making the whole sequence seem conscious even though doing so is the product of this automatic process. The story is complete as what Always, Never, Could, Should, and Can't transpire bubbles to the surface concerning what the I, You, We, They, and This may Have, Think, Feel, Say, and Do.

We can't stop the star-crossed relationship of time and space, but we can determine whether or not we want to believe (perceive the concepts of time and space as real) their by-products. It is at this point that the substitution of the word "Nevermind" can stop the story of who/what/where (space), when (time), and how (motion).

The three strings of five words (hey, maybe this is a new string theory?) are loaded with big ticket items just waiting to happen, not just in your relationship with others, but also the way you use these on yourself.

When these blue bunnies appear try this practice:

I, You, We, They, This
Always, Never, Could, Should, Can't

substitute "Nevermind" for the
Have, Think, Feel, Say, Do

Even if you run right through the third string, when you do see it, you may choose to stop the story, wake up, and see that you're dreaming! Then you may consciously choose what to dream, which (at first, and for awhile) is to repeat the Nevermind mantra and bring about lucid change.

Remember the fastest route to catching these strings of big ticket items is to practice noticing the mundane.  Be Lucid.

Image: 4-meter-tall sculpture of Einstein's 1905 E = mc2 formula by Lienhard Schultz at the 2006 Walk of Ideas, Berlin, Germany via Wikipedia article on Einstein's formula on mass-energy equivalence.