Big Ticket Items

Those habits that we really want to change are big ticket items.  They are big for two reasons. First, the issues they are associated are big, like how we interact with others. Typically these are the things we wish didn't happen and wonder why we can't seem to be able to make them go away. Interestingly, this is exactly why they stay.

Aversion is a form of affirmation. In order to resist something we simultaneously affirm its presence. How then to make those habits that work against us go away?  Invite them in. That's right, find nothing unacceptable, and begin retraining the mind to see these things in a new light, the light of Awareness.

Now, if you keep looking for the things you don't like, you are sure to find them. But the idea here is not to go into denial because this resistance is also a form of affirmation that there is something too murky or argh to see it. Instead, know it is a possibility and keep no attachments positive or negative to it.

Today, choose one big ticket item to make into a blue bunny.  If you find yourself grasping at a problem, simply be grateful that you are aware of your blue bunny big ticket item, and choose what you wish to dream next without passing judgement.

Can it really be that simple?  In truth what is real is even more simple than that.  Be Lucid!

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