Welcome to Lucid Change

More than once, long-time seekers have been frustrated by the persistence of unwanted habits. Underlying the issue is always the same age-old complaint: no matter how much I try to change (fill in the blank) I can't manage to keep it that way.

The seeming failure of one's ability to explicitly attain what is intended while at the same time consistently delivering the same results like a well-tuned machine can be more than just a little perplexing.  The answer is quite simple, there are two forms of memory.  

Implicit memory subconsciously applies what we have learned to form habits and tendencies. Explicit memory can consciously describe what we have learned. An example would be knowing how to ride a bike (explicit) but not having to think about it when doing it (implicit).

All blanks, the lack of explicit/conscious awareness are filled in by subconscious implicit memories to keep us safe and sound. Throughout our lives we become increasingly proficient at automatically filling-in the blank without ever being aware that we are doing this. So much so that we actually identify with it and measure our effectiveness by how well it performs.

The thing is, we have little to do with the performance of implicit memory, it was pretty much fully established and running on its own by the time we implicitly learned to write. The perseverance and determination applied to control implicit memory is actually the feature of of implicit learning that renders it automatic. In other words it is a part of the very problem one seeks to solve.

Lucid change relieves the never-ending implicit struggle to evaluate, formulate, and recalculate automatically filling-in the blank. Instead it fills-in the blank permanently by attuning our propensity for automaticity in the direction of one response to all things - Awareness. No other changes are required.

As we practice being lucid in the dream of our lives we become increasingly aware and may choose what we dream rather than live by default. Without a blank to fill-in useless implicit memories will simply fade away.  Really.

As you read along the blog there's support, information and practices that will help slow you down, open you up to help you get lucid in your dream of life.  Enjoy and be lucid!