A New Freedom


The fourth of July celebrates winning freedom after a long struggle with many casualties.  It was a great accomplishment, one that has lasted for 236 years.  But it is time we enjoy a new freedom, one that does not require struggle.  The USA has defended its right to freedom in 20 wars since the the Declaration of Independence was signed. That's a lot of work, an average of one war every 12 years. 

Everyday there are examples of how we act out this model for freedom. Couples argue and divorce, Minorities sue majorities of myriad configurations, the 99% occupy Wall Street, and the Tea Party wants the very government that protects their right to freedom to stay out of their lives. Is this freedom or a never ending pattern of struggle? With practically everyone in the world thinking this is the way to secure freedom, how can it be any other way?

The wise sages and teachers tell us the appearance of not being free is an illusion and all attempts to change that illusion are fruitless. They talk about liberation but suggest there is no need to struggle for or defend it. They indicate we are simply ignorant of what freedom really is, that we don't know it is already ours not instead of the struggle but as it. They explain that we are using this freedom when we believe other things must change before we can experience it. They warn that any illusion of freedom gained under these conditions requires more of the same to maintain this appearance.

So if it is fruitless to set our sights on gaining freedom that can be limited, and simultaneously silly to struggle with making the limits disappear. What is there to do?  Be lucid. True freedom is in waking up to the concept that while this is the way our lives are created, we are not subject to them. There is no need to change something else or oneself.

It is in the seeing, not the seer or the seen that true freedom lays and our experiences are conceived. Whether they come up as struggle or enjoyment, look into the three strings of five words and see how you are using space, time, and motion to create your experience. Then affirm Nevermind, yes even in the case of enjoyment. Or run the whole mantra to fill in the blanks the mind implicitly fills with reasons that support and perpetuate the concept of struggle.

The better you are able to do this one simple practice under all circumstances, the more you are lucid to and shaping your dream of life, free of all limiting conditions on the spectrum from difficult to delightful. Celebrate and enjoy that today and everyday. Be lucid!

photo:  Freedom is all you need courtesy of Tim Geers at flickr.com via creative commons license