I Thinks It Knows You!

So if each person's "I" is just a facsimile of what they think they know and what they automatically know without knowing it, then it's safe to say everyone any "I" knows is not who that person really is but only what the "I" seems to know about them.

Confused?  No matter how long this particular point gets studied, it remains slippery and often gets away from our grasp. That's because we're not taught much about it.  I just thought I'd stick it in here as a brain-scrambler in case you are getting comfortable with the conversation and possibly becoming less lucid about being lucid.

So, let it go (it will sink in more as we notice more) and let's just notice what's swirling through our dual mindsets right now.  Who's noticing?  Be lucid! 

Send Fax photo courtesy of Dave Crosby at Flickr.com